Archive | March 2, 2013

Questions About Me


1 –Favorite color: Purple

2 – Favorite animal: cats – but i have black lab who I love

3 – Favorite number: 14

4 – Favorite non-alcoholic drink: flavoured tea

5 – Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

6 – My passion: Writing and reading

7 – Prefer getting or giving presents?

8 – Favorite pattern: spirals

9 – Favorite day of the week: Wednesday

10 – Favorite flower: Carnations

Thank you


Thank you for taking the time
To stop and read my posts
Each and every one of you
Hold a special place in my heart

So I raise my glass to you all
In a very heartfelt toast
My gratitude I guarantee is true



Your thoughts and kindness play
An integral part!!!



Parting thoughts


Here is my parting thought for the day
I have been reading and following
What all the other bloggers have to say

The one that striked me the most
Bought me back to a darker time
Reviving all the deadly ghosts

I read an articles about Bullying
It caught my eyes and opened the gates
I remember so vividly being a victim of the hate

In my day and age, zero tolerance did not exist
Teachers turned their heads and looked the other way
No one listen to the pleas that I would say

Although too late for me now as I have moved on
I reach my hand out to those tormented so harshly
Don’t give up the fight and let them win – keep pushing along

Reach out to those you know and love for help
Let them know what you are going through
Don’t let the bullies defeat you!!










Tormented daily
Beaten down
My trust in humanity
Laid scattered on ground

Years it took to rebuild
Find strength inside
You may have robbed my childhood
But i still have my pride

Where are you now I wonder
I am doing fine – I survived the pain
I can hold my head up and walk away
What really did your bullying leave you to gain?

I didn’t write this to rehash buried memories
Actually your actions made me stronger now
With your abuse behind me i can endure anything
My power has come back to me – somehow!!!