Book review

So, I have been reading a book called “In Search of The World’s Worst Writers” – I found the book at the library. I am not sure why I picked it up – it kind of just called to me!!

Although, it is a bit long winded – the book is actually informative and gives you a glimpse into literature’s shadows in the past.. I have had to put it down a few times to step away from it – as I was having a hard time to get into the book.

Once I got further into the book, I actually found it has elements of knowledge, humour and some different styles of literature and poetry.

I am still plowing through book, but so far it is very interesting.

Some of the authors and writers they discuss are:

  • Sir Thomas Urquhart
  • George Wither
  • Margaret Cavendish
  • The Devout Salutationist


.. stay tuned for more infomration ..



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