Real Words




I promised to love you

I gave you my word

Word that is my bond

Bond of golden thread

Thread connecting two hearts

Thread to mend

Mending clothes

Mending hearts

Hearts  fraile

Hearts broken

Broken and shattered

Broken in pieces

Pieces of glass

Glass so clear

Clear like blue water

Clear like crystal

Crystal glasses upon table

Table of oak displayed

Table for family to sit and talk

Talk about the days events

Talk about feelings we want to share

Share our love with family

Share our accomplishments proudly

Proudly show the awards

Proudly we give out praise

Praise for jobs well done

Praise for living up to expectations

Expectations of who we should be

Expectations to always be good

Good girl/good boy empty words

Good food to share with those in need

Need for love we all have

Need for growth and time to learn

Learn the lessons we must

Learn how to love openly

Openly we show how we feel

Openly you should know my love is real

Real my promise was to you

Real the words spoken that day

Day I will never forget.

Day we married I cherish always.

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