Archive | February 21, 2013

Who Is She?



Who is she?
The small lonely child
Clutching her doll like it is her only friend

Who is she?
The young unsure girl
Cowering in the corner – afraid of her own shower

Who is she?
The woman pretending to be so strong
Wearing masks of bravery

Who is she?
This bar rat nursing the bottle
Drowning all her sorrows

Who is she?
The weary face staring back at me
I don’t recognize her at all


A Spirit’s Messages

Someone lost me
Suddenly long ago
Please help me reach them
I need to know they are alright
Rarely do i not visit them
Though they can’t see me
I am always there
Tell them I am okay
Tell them gently it was my time
To go away

Gratitude list


Things i am grateful for every day
My family
My friends
The chance to start anew everyday
The creative gift i have been given
The strength and courage to push through
Life lessons hidden in failures

My gratitude list

There are so many things
For me to be grateful for
Simple every day miracles
New adventures to explore
Friends who support me
Family who stands by my side
Life lessons to learn along this crazy ride
Animals love and loyalty
Help release the chains that bound me
When life has tested me time and again
I know my courage will get me through
For all who have lent their time and support
I have two important words to say
Thank you!!