Archive | February 19, 2013

Love letter

Joy fills my heart when you are here
Safe i know i am – i feel no fear
Only you could reach my heart
In my life you play a huge part
Don’t ever doubt how i feel
My love and gratitude are real
Your love has saved me of this i know
You are stuck with now i cant let go

What i do

Providing care and compassion
To all those in need
Supporting families during transition times
Giving them piece of mind
Worries and stresses freed

Watching a smile form on face
Pride in the fact its their own place
Living life at their own pace

Storm day activities

Storm day today
Going to take afternoon to try to get creative juices flowing!
This morning was dishes and laundry fun – joy of household duties!
Maybe ill work out plan for e-pub chapbook too, who knows.

Heres a fun idea – everyone contribute one word and ill see if i can make a poem out of it!!