My addiction

Tantalizing aromas wafting in the air
Reaching to the core in me
Captivating my senses -trapped with its grasp

Every inch of my being hungers intensely
Screaming at me to give in completely
To the strongest urge

Apprehensively I look around cautiously
Making sure there’s no one watching my moves
Slowly I make my way to my favourite place

Eyes scan selections both old and new
Laid out on a beautiful display
Trying to decide what I will want to choose today

Samples handed out to me with pride
Each taste brings on a wild adventure

Selecting which one I decide to try
A smile of satisfaction upon my face
Patiently waiting for the order to be handed to me

Upon the sacred delivery I head out the glass door
As I sip my tasty drink every worry melts away
Now for sure I can truly say
Today will now a sweeter,better day

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