Archive | February 12, 2013

My addiction

Tantalizing aromas wafting in the air
Reaching to the core in me
Captivating my senses -trapped with its grasp

Every inch of my being hungers intensely
Screaming at me to give in completely
To the strongest urge

Apprehensively I look around cautiously
Making sure there’s no one watching my moves
Slowly I make my way to my favourite place

Eyes scan selections both old and new
Laid out on a beautiful display
Trying to decide what I will want to choose today

Samples handed out to me with pride
Each taste brings on a wild adventure

Selecting which one I decide to try
A smile of satisfaction upon my face
Patiently waiting for the order to be handed to me

Upon the sacred delivery I head out the glass door
As I sip my tasty drink every worry melts away
Now for sure I can truly say
Today will now a sweeter,better day

Unanswered Questions.. A tribute to our lost angel – Hope Kydd

How do I say good-bye when I never got to say hello?
How do I let go of someone I never got to know?
Why is it someone so small can take a hold of my heart?
Leaving such a large void when we were ripped apart?
What was the purpose of her short visit with me?
For some unknown reason her life was not meant to be!
When does the pain of losing her fade and go away?
I’m sure it is not tomorrow and definitely not today
Where do little souls go when God calls then home?
Are they simply left in heaven to wander and to roam?
Why do I hear her laughter in my head right now?
It is like I feel her presence close to me someway somehow
I close my eyes and see her there
Watching her play as she learns and grows
What would she have become I guess I will never know!
When can I see your precious face?
I hear God answer another time and a different place!
I will have to live each day and night
No one truly understands and knows the pain

This is one of the most emotional poems I wrote.. It is taking a lot of courage for me to share so please if you read it. try to be kind..
I share it because sadly miscarriage is such a common thing and yet so many woman suffer alone and it’s not talked about enough!!

Search for..

This would be a dream come true to own so many books ...

This would be a dream come true to own so many books …

Drawn to the building standing so tall

What are the secrets hidden away after all

What is the voice that beckons to me now

So curious to find out somehow

Through the doors I enter with curiosity

Wondering what stories will unfold in front of me

Drawn to the area I take my seat at the table quietly

Searching through articles and sites to see what I stumble upon

My worries have escaped me, my frustrations gone

My hands type the words freely with ease

The knowledge I am gaining make me feel pleased

Time escapes me and suddenly I am told “5 minutes to go”

Carefully I pack my work again and tuck away the knowledge I now know