Into Faith

Had lost my way in turbulent times
Wondered if true inner peace would be mine
Felt truly alone and forsaken
Behind a false smile my heart was breaking
Lost my faith and myself on my darkest days
Wondered if surrendering really did pay
Empty inside as felt no hope
All life’s good times slipping away like an oiled rope
With solace and patience I now can see
That He never really abandoned me
A lesson of Humility I had to learn before
Now I can see to the end of the hall to an opened door
His grace and guidance I welcome back in my life
Hoping he will guide me through the pain and strife
Forgive me for I never meant to doubt
What your intentions were really about
I give to you, total control as I hand over the wheel
Your love and lessons are the one real deal
Hear me please Lord as I speak from my heart
In my life you will always have a part

Came across an old poem I wrote While back..


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