A journey

As I set upon my journey
As I decided it was finally time
Time to head out on my own
Time to embrace my destiny

Destiny sure to be great I know
Destiny filled with many obstacles and lessons
Lessons of love and friendships true
Lessons to help me build and grow

Grow to be a person of integrity
Grow to learn not to let mistakes get me down
Down where the darkness and shadows feed upon fear
Down in a place so hidden no one can see

See how much beauty life can hold
See the great things yet to be
Be a person of true mystery
Be the leader for all my friends

Friends I cherish in deep corners of heart
Friends who teach me something new
New books to read and behold
New sights to take in every day

Everyday nature shows its majesty
Everyday there are stories that unfold
Unfold the clothes from the worn suitcase
Unfold the secrets hidden in sheets put away

Away to escape to another place and time
Away from the past pain that haunts
Haunts like ghosts roaming amongst graves
Haunts the lives that were known so well

Well for wishing and casting coins for dreams
Well full of blue water
Water pouring down harsh,jagged rocks
Water dripping from weary eyes

Eyes that have lost their inner spark
Eyes worn and tired from age
Age of wisdom and lessons learned
Age a number my secret to tell

Tell the story of a lost hidden diary
Tell of family history
History from centuries past and gone
History of a different time and place

Place to go secretly and hide away
Place filled with special memories
Memories I will cherish forever in my heart
Memories that pull the mystical strings

Strings of symphony instruments sing melodies
Strings tied to fingers to remind
Remind if tasks left to be completed
Remind of words left unsaid

Unsaid the emotions buried away
Unsaid the importance of those loved
Loved and cherished family
Family ties that bind our hearts

4 thoughts on “A journey

  1. Your poems are excellent, carefully thought out and well crafted – written. Have you considered publishing?

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