Archive | February 11, 2013

A journey

As I set upon my journey
As I decided it was finally time
Time to head out on my own
Time to embrace my destiny

Destiny sure to be great I know
Destiny filled with many obstacles and lessons
Lessons of love and friendships true
Lessons to help me build and grow

Grow to be a person of integrity
Grow to learn not to let mistakes get me down
Down where the darkness and shadows feed upon fear
Down in a place so hidden no one can see

See how much beauty life can hold
See the great things yet to be
Be a person of true mystery
Be the leader for all my friends

Friends I cherish in deep corners of heart
Friends who teach me something new
New books to read and behold
New sights to take in every day

Everyday nature shows its majesty
Everyday there are stories that unfold
Unfold the clothes from the worn suitcase
Unfold the secrets hidden in sheets put away

Away to escape to another place and time
Away from the past pain that haunts
Haunts like ghosts roaming amongst graves
Haunts the lives that were known so well

Well for wishing and casting coins for dreams
Well full of blue water
Water pouring down harsh,jagged rocks
Water dripping from weary eyes

Eyes that have lost their inner spark
Eyes worn and tired from age
Age of wisdom and lessons learned
Age a number my secret to tell

Tell the story of a lost hidden diary
Tell of family history
History from centuries past and gone
History of a different time and place

Place to go secretly and hide away
Place filled with special memories
Memories I will cherish forever in my heart
Memories that pull the mystical strings

Strings of symphony instruments sing melodies
Strings tied to fingers to remind
Remind if tasks left to be completed
Remind of words left unsaid

Unsaid the emotions buried away
Unsaid the importance of those loved
Loved and cherished family
Family ties that bind our hearts

Dear best friend


To my dear best friend
I write this letter to let
You know how I cherish
Your friendship, even though I don’t
Always show

You have truly changed my life
Forever more
Where darkness and shadows
Once resided solemnly
A light now brightly shines

Gone is the loneliness within
My sad,empty soul
You’ve helped me heal
A wounded heart

In my life you’ll always
Play an important part
From here on out I vow
To show my gratitude sincere

Please know that on my friendship
You can always depend
As long as you need me true
I will always be here for you

To Whom It May Concern


To whom it may concern

It has been my lifelong dream to see

Everyone reading poetry written lovingly by me

To whom it may concern

I have always been to shy

Afraid of the judgments

I am not quiet sure as to why

To whom it may concern

My dear best friend encouraged me

Placed vision in my head of how great things can be

To whom it may concern

The words pour out from my very soul

Sometimes so intensely my emotions pay the toll

To whom it may concern

Here I am shakily steeping out of my comfort zone now

I am going to try to be brave, some way some how

To whom It may Concern

Heart it is a racing as I stand here

Can you sense my fear?

To whom it may concern

Please read my poems with care

Feel free to comment, I just ask you be fair

To whom it may concern

I will leave you now to think

I always find that poetry goes best with a hot and frothy drink

To whom it may concern

Just one more thing to say

Thank you for your time on this wonderful day

Now just a magicians trick

I will just fade away.

Along my travels today..

Along my journey today, was drawn toward the library.. Something called to me and said “Read,Research and Learn.”
I was drawn toward the poetry section today – pulled toward Canadian Poetry legends and American – couldn’t decide so went
with my infamous stack of books..
Funny how a simple building and a single book can draw you in..
I hope to one day be the voice of a poet as remarkable as some of the ones I read lately.

There is something magical about reading a poem and something amazing about sharing a poem with someone. There is also therapy in writing a poem and it takes courage to share your own inner thoughts and words..

Into Faith

Had lost my way in turbulent times
Wondered if true inner peace would be mine
Felt truly alone and forsaken
Behind a false smile my heart was breaking
Lost my faith and myself on my darkest days
Wondered if surrendering really did pay
Empty inside as felt no hope
All life’s good times slipping away like an oiled rope
With solace and patience I now can see
That He never really abandoned me
A lesson of Humility I had to learn before
Now I can see to the end of the hall to an opened door
His grace and guidance I welcome back in my life
Hoping he will guide me through the pain and strife
Forgive me for I never meant to doubt
What your intentions were really about
I give to you, total control as I hand over the wheel
Your love and lessons are the one real deal
Hear me please Lord as I speak from my heart
In my life you will always have a part

Came across an old poem I wrote While back..