Blitz Poem.. no title yet

Wishing for good fortune
Wishing well full of old pennies
Pennies with images worn down
Pennies so rare and antique

Antique clocks ticking, hanging on wall
Antique tables made lovingly by hands
Hands calloused and worn from hard labour
Hands so gentle and full of love

Love that fills your very soul
Love that has seen joy and sorrow
Sorrow for the friends and family lost
Sorrow for the un-lived dreams

Dreams from childhood of adventures
Dreams that haunt his days and nights
Nights display a full bright moon
Nights where skies are filled with stars

Stars that shine for him alone
Stars that flicker and fade to black
Black the color of the forgotten room
Black the color of his sad, hollow eyes

Eyes that plea “don’t leave me” to all who come and go
Eyes that have seen what cannot be erased or forgotten
Forgotten the list for grocery shopping, a guessing game it is
Forgotten the birthdays of friends and family

Family that has drifted apart more and more each year
Family that is more than just a simple blood line
Line drawn in the sand symbolizing not to cross
Line of hands formed from child to woman

Woman with many hats to wear
Woman who is a mother, daughter and friend
Friend to lean on through rough waters
Friend to laugh with during times of fun

Fun no longer lives in this house
Fun left when the children grew
Grew up and moved out; forgetting us
Grew to have their own children

Children that laugh and play so carefree
Children that remind us of life’s beauty
Beauty found in simple things
Beauty in creatures big and small

Small miracles of every day moments
Small wishes and big dreams to grow
Grow to fill my heart with joy
Joy of miracles and peace

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