Pleas from a Psych Ward


Secluded in this cold and lonely room

My happiness erased – all that is left is gloom

Nothing I can do except pace the floor

I don’t want to be sick and feel this way anymore

So confused and lost – nothing around me seems real

How am I suppose to control how or what I feel?

Doctors in and out poking and prodding me

Why can’t they just let me be?

Everyone I see has a look of despair in their eyes

Feeling hopeless is something I despise!

Life is supposed to be an adventure full of joy

It seems like a crazy game and I am just a toy!

Screaming voices inside me full of rage, anguish and hate

How can this be my life?

Should I resign to fate?

I am not sure of what happened – what did I do?

How I wish my pain and suffering would be through!!

7 thoughts on “Pleas from a Psych Ward

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  2. Hey, Melonie, I really like this. My mother had mental health issues and I’ve seen what you’re describing happen with her. Even though she wasn’t in for long…any time seems too long. Nobody really knows how alone and lost someone with that sort of an issue can (and probably does) feel. I wrote about it in my blog post called “You’re going sane, in a crazy world!”

    Thank you for following my blog, btw! 8^)

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